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Fuel Types P Premium S Super U Ultra L Leaded D Diesel K Kerosene
  St. No. Area Location P S U L D K
Soor 8 Abu Halifa Abu Halifa            
Oula 1 Ahmadi Ahmadi            
KNPC 12 Ahmadi East Ahmadi            
Oula 60 Adami McDonalds Rest Area (Bnaider)            
Soor 7 Dhahar Dhahar            
Soor 111 Dhahar 7th Ring Road            
Soor 30 Fahaheel Fahaheel            
KNPC 93 Fahaheel Badawiya Street            
KNPC 78 Mina Abdullah King Fahad Highway            
Soor 19 Mina Al-Zoor Khairan Exit            
KNPC 59 Nuwaiseeb Nuwaiseeb            
Soor 74 Oraifjan Burger King Rest Area            
KNPC 64 Ras Al-Zoor Ras Al-Zoor            
KNPC 36 Riqqa Riqqa            
KNPC 73 Riqqa Next to Addan            
Soor 63 Sabahiya Sabahiya            
Oula 75 Um Al-Haiman King Fahad Highway            
Oula 89 Wafra Wafra Farms            
KNPC 16 Wafra Wafra            
  St. No. Area Location P S U L D K
Oula 103 Airport Exit Airport Exit            
Soor 97 Andalus West Andalus            
Oula 104 Andalus Andalus            
Oula 38 Ardiya Ardiya            
Soor 76 Central Ardiya Ardiya Co-op            
Soor 80 Farwaniyah Farwaniyah            
KNPC 72 Ferdous Ferdous            
Soor 46 Jaleeb Shouikh Jaleeb Shouikh            
Soor 32 Khitan King Faisal Bin Abdulaziz Street            
KNPC 69 Khitan Near Cinema            
KNPC 79 North Ardiya Ardiya            
Oula 11 Omariya Omariya            
KNPC 62 Rabiya Rabiya (Ghazali Highway)            
Soor 91 Rabiya Rabiya            
Oula 92 Rabiya Qasem Street / (Ashbeliyh)            
Oula 31 Reqei Near National Guard (Ghazali HWY)            
KNPC 18 Sabhan Sabhan            
Oula 52 Shadadiyah 6th Ring Road / Opp. Sabah Al-Naser            
KNPC 98 Shuhada'a South Surra            
Oula 45 Shuhada'a 6th Ring Road / South Surra / Ministry Area            
Oula 107 West Jaleeb West Jaleeb            
  St. No. Area Location P S U L D K
KNPC 47 Arabian Gulf Street Embassies            
KNPC 54 Bayan Fahaheel Highway            
Oula 68 Bayan South Bayan / Near Co-op            
Oula 65 Hawally 3rd Ring Road            
KNPC 67 Hawally Beirut Street            
Soor 34 Hawally Tunis Street            
Soor 61 Mishref Bayan Palace            
KNPC 29 Rumaithiya Rumaithiya            
Oula 71 Salmiya Immigration Round About            
Soor 25 Salmiya Beda'a            
Oula 14 Salmiya Opposite Fire Brigade            
KNPC 40 Salmiya Salmiya Co-op            
Soor 13 Salwa Salwa            
KNPC 6 Sha'ab Sha'ab            
Soor 117 South Surrah South Surrah            
  St. No. Area Location P S U L D K
Oula 109 7th Ring Road West Airport            
Oula 83 Atraf Atraf            
KNPC 35 Doha Doha            
Soor 53 Jahra Near Water Area            
KNPC 102 Jahra / Mutla'a Mutla'a Road            
Oula 15 Jahra / Qaser On the way of Al-Jahra hospital            
Soor 9 Jahra Road High Way Street / Al-Jahra            
KNPC 87 Naseem Jahra Industrial            
Oula 86 Oyoun Oyoun            
KNPC 100 Sabbiya Sabbiya            
KNPC 39 Salmi Salmi            
Soor 108 South Jahra South Jahra            
KNPC 105 Sulaibia / Kabad Kabad Road            
Oula 90 Sulaibiya Sulaibiya            
Soor 81 Sulaibiya Sulaibiya            
Oula 26 Um Al-Aish Um Al-Aish            
  St. No. Area Location P S U L D K
Oula 41   Sharq            
Oula 33   Al kHaldiya            
Oula 50   Kifan            
KNPC 37 Abdullah Al-Salem Near the Co-op            
KNPC 24 Adeliya Damascus Street            
KNPC 55 Dasma Dasma            
Oula 23 Deiya Deiya            
KNPC 94 Doha 6th Ring Road            
Soor 106 Doha South Doha            
Soor 21 Faiha Faiha            
KNPC 58 Ghournata Ghournata            
Soor 22 Qadisiya Qadsiya            
KNPC 3 Qibla Sour Street            
Oula 28 Qurtuba 4th Ring Road            
Oula 101 Sharq Istiqlal Street / Fahaheel Highway            
Soor 2 Shuwaikh Jahra Gate / Next to Sheraton Hotel            
KNPC 10 Shuwaikh Residential / Near Red Crescent            
Oula 42 Shuwaikh Near Vegetables Market            
Soor 51 Shuwaikh UN Square/ Jiwan            
Oula 96 Shuwaikh Arab Fund Area            
Soor 113 Shuwaikh Shuwaikh (Oil Warehouse)            
Soor 27 Sulaibikhat Sulaibikhat            
KNPC 88 Suwaber Shuhada'a / Hilali St.            
  St. No. Area Location P S U L D K
Oula 85 Addan Qurain            
Soor 99 Addan Near the Co-op / Addan            
Oula 49 Fintas Fintas            
KNPC 112 Hadiya Al-Ghous Street            
Soor 116 Hadiya West Hadiya (Highway)            
Soor 84 Jaber Al-Ali Jaber Al-Ali            
Oula 110 Messelah Messelah            
Oula 82 Mubarak Al-Kabeer Mubarak Al-Kabeer            
Oula 17 Qurain Mubarak Al-Kabeer            
KNPC 95 Qosour Qurain / Qosour            
Soor 66 Sabah Al-Salem Sabah Al-Salem            
Oula 70 Sabah Al-Salem South Sabah Al-Salem            

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